Settings Up For Field Nation For the workspace id, please put down the ID that your Field Nation sheets will be located. This is an optional step, especially if you have multiple work spaces. For sheet ID this will be the ID associated with the sheet that you are using as your default sheet. Important: Please be aware, each subsequent sheet will need to match the columns of the template sheet completely You will need to generate a unique access token in Smartsheets for this instance One more additional step will be to create two custom fields in Field Nation. »


Setting Up For Smartsheets You will need a Sheet ID and an access token to set up the webhooks for Smartsheets. Important: Please be aware, you will need to create a separate webhook for each sheet you utilize For the webhook you will need to reach this endpoint with a POST call to create a webhook. Please include the Access Token as a header. The body of the request should look like this: »