The Field Nation REST API uses OAuth 2.0 to authenticate connections.

Access Tokens

  • You must include a valid access token with every request:
  • Access tokens expire in 3600 seconds (one hour).
  • Separate codes are required for the Sandbox and Production environments.
  • Refresh tokens are not supported.

When you Request Access to the Sandbox and/or Production environments, Field Nation will assign you a unique client_id and client_secret. You can use these values along with your Field Nation login credentials to call the Request OAuth Token endpoint. This endpoint will return a valid access_token for your current session.

Token Expiration

To limit API calls and improve your application's performance, it's recommended that you incorporate some session tracking logic. Several options include:

  1. Calculating the expires_in seconds to a future UTC date and time (expires time), then comparing the current time to the expires time.
  2. Using the error message to identify an expired session. Refer to Invalid Token Error below for more information.

Invalid Token Error

400 Bad Request: Expired token.

You must provide a valid OAuth token to make a request