Work Orders

A work order object includes all of the work order details, routing, and payment information available from the Field Nation Platform. Most parameters provide a separate endpoint, allowing you to manage individual work order components from Draft to completion. The table below describes each parameter and how it maps to the Field Nation app. It also includes links to additional work order endpoints.

Work Order Object

Parameter Type Example Mapping/Notes
title string "title": "Fix Copier on 2nd Floor" Setup > Title. Required.
require_gps boolean "require_gps": true Setup > Require GPS. Optional.
type_of_work object "type_of_work":{
Setup > Work Type. Refer to Get Types of Work to return a work type list.
client object Clients Setup > Client. Optional. To return a list of client ids and names, refer to Get Clients and Projects.
project object Projects Setup > Project. Optional. To return a list of project ids and names, refer to Get Projects.
manager object "manager": {
"id": 776
Contacts > Who will own this work order? Defaults to the API username if omitted. Refer to Get Managers to return a list of manager ids and names.
custom_fields object Custom Fields Custom Buyer and Provider fields. Refer to Custom Fields for more information.
contacts object Contacts Contacts > site/location contacts. Refer to Contacts for more information.
description object "description":{
"html":"<p>copier is displaying error code <b>206</b>.</p>"
Description > Public Info (Unassigned). html can be standard text or HTML (not HTML encoded tags).
confidential object "confidential":{
"html":"If you have any issues, ask for Jim at the front desk."
Description > Confidential Info (Assigned). Optional. html can be standard text or HTML (not HTML encoded tags).
tasks object Tasks Tasks. Refer to Tasks for more information.
location object Locations Location. Refer to Locations for location options and examples.
schedule object Schedules Schedule. Refer to Schedules for schedule options and examples.
pay object Pay Payment. Refer to Pay and Pay Rates for options and examples.
shipments object Shipments Shipments. Refer to Shipments for more information.
status object Work Order Status Flightboard Status. Refer to Work Order Status for more information.
milestones object Milestones Dates and Times of work order statuses. Refer to Milestones for more information.
messages object Messages Work Order > Messages tab. Refer to Messages for more information.
tags object Work Order Tags Work Order > TAGS. Refer to Tags for more information.
problems object Work Order Problems Work Order > REPORT PROBLEM. Refer to Problems for more information.
attachments object Attachments Work Order > Client Documents and Deliverables. Refer to Attachments for more information.
time_logs object Time Logs Work Order Details > Tasks. Refer to Time Logs for more information.
eta object ETA Provider ETA information. Refer to ETA for more information.
integration object "integration": {
"id": "12345",
"name": "REST",
"href": "{id}"
Work Order > Overview > Integration. Optional. Used to display a link to an external site. id must be unique and name must be set to "REST."

Work Order Response

Here's a sample JSON response that's trimmed to display all of the work order parameters. Refer to the table above for details.

    "id": 1728,
    "require_gps": true,
    "networks": {},
    "attachments": {},
    "shipments": {},
    "signatures": {},
    "time_logs": {},
    "problems": {},
    "pay": {},
    "publish_stats": {},
    "requests": {},
    "allow_counter_offers": true,
    "is_user_declined": false,
    "routes": {},
    "custom_fields": {},
    "qualifications": {},
    "ratings": {},
    "bundle": {},
    "auto_dispatch_stats": {},
    "schedule": {},
    "conflicts": [],
    "eta": {},
    "location": {},
    "holds": {},
    "company": {},
    "manager": {},
    "w2": false,
    "import_id": 0,
    "printable": true,
    "status": {},
    "messages": {},
    "assignee": {},
    "milestones": {},
    "tags": {},
    "contacts": {},
    "tasks": {},
    "swaps": {},
    "service_types": [],
    "description": {},
    "confidential": {},
    "policy_and_procedures": {},
    "standard_instructions": {},
    "progress": {},
    "role": {},
    "workflow_completion": {},
    "work_order_id": 1728,
    "actions": [],
    "title": "Fix Copier on 2nd Floor",
    "correlation_id": "6a54a835bb274d3b69c9fb9b9f3e95059e9765c5",
    "href": "",
    "type_of_work": {},
    "closing_notes": "",
    "tasks_enabled": true,
    "workflow_publish_or_route": {},
    "workflow_cancel": {}