The Field Nation Platform supports General and Custom (Pre-defined) expenses. You can manage custom expenses from Company Settings > Payments > Expenses. An expense object includes the expense description, amount, and company_expense_id if applicable. The Expenses Response returns the total sum of all expenses and an array of expense objects.

The table below describes each parameter in the expenses results and how it maps to the Field Nation Platform.

Expense Object

Parameter Type Example Mapping/Notes
id integer "id": 98 Work Order Expense ID.
status string "status": "approved" Expense Status (Approve/Deny).
description string "description": "Example travel expense." Expense Description
status_description string "status_description": "Deny reason." Expense Note/Deny Reason (if applicable).
amount decimal "amount": 20 Expense Dollar Amount.
quantity integer "quantity": 1 Expense Quantity.
author object "author": {} User information for work order expense creator.
company_expense object "company_expense": {} Pre-defined/Custom Expense id, description, api_code, hidden_tags, and expense_amount. Refer to Get Company Expenses for a list of ids and expense categories.
category object "category": {} System and Custom Expense Category.
id integer "id": 2 Category > System ID.
label integer "label": "Travel Expense" Add Expense > Expense category.
type string "type": "system" System or Pre-defined/Custom.
company_expense_id integer "company_expense_id": 0 Custom Expense ID.
amount decimal "amount": 0 Default Amount.
added object "added": {} Date added to work order. Read only. Dates and Times.


Expense Object, General: Travel
Expense Object, Pre-defined Expenses: Custom Expense
Expense Object, Denied
Expenses Response by Company, General and Custom

Work Order Expenses Response

You can locate expenses in the work order > pay object. Refer to Pay for more information.

Expenses Response by Work Order, No Expenses
Expenses Response by Work Order, General and Custom