title = “Get Saved Locations” description = “Returns a paginated list of active locations. “ weight = 4 pre = ““ +++

Returns a paginated list of active locations.


Environment Method URL
Sandbox https://api-sandbox.fndev.net/api/rest/v2/locations
Production https://api.fieldnation.com/api/rest/v2/locations

Path Parameters

Not applicable.

Query Parameters

Refer to Pagination for a list of additional query parameters.

Parameter Type Example Notes
access_token string abc123defg459hijk786lmn45 Required.

Body Parameters

Not applicable.


Returns the Saved Location Response by Company. Refer to Saved Locations for parameter details and examples.

Note: This response does not include location attributes or location contact information. Refer to Get Location by ID to return detailed information.


In the examples below, the Response has been trimmed to display only the results.

      "client_name":"Main Street Shipping",
      "address1":"123 Main Street",
      "address2":"Building 4C",


Standard HTTP and OAuth error codes.