Best Practices

Now that you are ready to start integration with Field Nation, learn a bit more about best practices.

What should I start building first?

The first thing you should do is check out our Out of the box integrations to make sure we haven’t already built the integration you’re looking for.

If a Out of the box solution is not available, We will be able to also build a custom solution and you should also consider using our V2 REST API to create work orders and Webhooks API to subscribe to work order events and status changes. This API allows Field Nation to communicate the following information to your end client:

  • Real-time labor and material expenses
  • Provider uploaded deliverables
  • Provider close-out notes

Projects and Templates

Projects and templates should be set up in Field Nation to make it easier and faster to publish work orders. Templates include important information about the work order that may not be stored in your internal system. Examples include:

  • Tasks for the provider to complete (Check In, Check Out, Photo requirements, etc.)
  • Custom fields for buyers and providers
  • Attachments included with the work order
  • Consistent formatting for the Scope of Work (SOW)
  • Contact Information

Work Order Assignment

Assigning a provider to your work orders directly from your system is definitely possible, but it can be difficult to ensure you’re assigning the best technicians to your work orders. Field Nation has built many tools to help with the vetting process which are not available from our API. Some examples include:

  • Selection Rules
  • Recommended Providers
  • Provider block rates and cancel rates

Buyers that have been successful in assigning providers directly from their system have built trustworthy preferred provider groups.

Remember, we are are a human to a human platform, so automating the provider selection process is not always advised.