Look for our frequently asked questions answered below.

Do you have a sandbox environment to build and test with?

Yes, we do and it is hosted at https://app-sandbox.fndev.net/ and once you have done signing up access the latest UI at https://api-sandbox.fndev.net/

How do I get access to the Sandbox?

We need to setup the Sandbox account for your company, Please log a support case and we will review and get one setup for you.

How do I get a client_id and client_secret?

Please log a support case with the following details

  • Environment URL (sandbox or production)
  • Company ID
  • Company Name

and we will provide you with the client id and secret.

How do I find my Company ID?

  • Click My Company on the left-hand navigation
  • Click view Company Details
  • The Company ID is located in the URL.

Are timestamps sent as UTC?

The time is going to come through as UTC with an offset, but it may be different based on the locality and specific push item. For example, 2012-12-05T17:00+05:00 is the same actual time as 2012-12-015T18:00+6:00 since the offset applied to both times is actually the same time ( 2012-12-06T00:00+00:00 )

Is it UTC based on the servers locations or the service location?

It doesn’t matter because the time codes are universal.

What information is available to push/pull?

In regards to v2, almost anything defined by the v2 swagger is available for push/pull, We Recommended you using the REST API for push the data to Field Nation and the webhooks for pulling the data.

Can I assign a work order directly from Field Nation’s pre-packaged Integrations?

Unless you’re a w2 provider, you can’t assign directly in the platform

For Webhooks, do I only receive the small snippet in the example?

No, you also receive the entire work order model

Who can I contact for help?

Reach out to support.fieldnation.com with any questions or issues.

I am a service company, can I get the API/Integration access?

Sorry, Currently we do not provide API access to service companies or providers, You need to be a buyer in our platform to get the API/Integration access.