Field Service V3

Middleware Architecture

Field Nation integration is built on our properity middleware using a scalable microservices architecture. Below is the overview of our middleware architecture. The following are the major functionalities that is covered by the middleware. Authenticating and authorization to 3rd party Field services API. Reading Field meta data for mapping. Processing inbound and outbound data using an internal queue mechanism. Translation and transformation of data based on the mapping. Event logging. »

Work Order events

Events processed by Field Nation Events Comments FN_WO_APPROVED Triggers on Work order approval. FN_WO_ASSIGNED Triggers on Work order assigned, routing accepted or swaps. FN_WO_AT_RISK Triggers when FN systems detects work order is at Risk. FN_WO_CANCELLED Triggers when the work order is cancelled. FN_WO_CONFIRMED Triggers when work order is confirmed by the provider. FN_WO_CREATED Triggers when the work order is first created, this is different from draft when work order goes directly from create to publish or route status. »

Field Mapping

Field Nation exposes variety of section with all the fields pertaining to the work as part of the field mapping, this section explains about different types o Direct Field mapping Direct Field mapping »

Mass import

#How to mass import work orders and still get connected to Integration. »