Certain events, such as receiving work order requests from providers, may have an asynchronous response (since there’s some complex background processing involved). Instead of waiting for a response or making continuous calls to return a list of work orders, you can use the Field Nation Webhooks REST API to receive real-time updates for work order events and status changes.

How it Works

The Field Nation Webhooks REST API enables you to register your endpoint URL and subscribe to work order Events and Status changes. When the event or status change is triggered, your endpoint will receive an HTTP request from Field Nation. You can subscribe to all work order events and status changes or include a list of specific updates you’d like to receive. Refer to Webhooks Object for parameter details and examples.

Tip: Some platform updates will trigger multiple calls to your endpoint. For example, when a provider checks in, the work order status is updated to Assigned: Checked in and the "Check in" task is marked complete. This update triggers the Provider Checked In status change and the Task Completed event.

All Field Nation requests to your endpoint return the entire Work Order Object in real-time, along with an event > params object which includes event and status specific information. If your endpoint does not return an HTTP 2xx status, the Webhooks service will try to redeliver the webhook up to three times. Refer to Error Handling for more information.

To get started:

  1. Request Access to the Sandbox and Production Webhooks API (required).
  2. Use a Webhooks service (e.g., RequestBin) to test the Webhooks request. Refer to Testing Webhooks for more information.
  3. Use the Create Webhook endpoint to send your Webhooks URL and register for work order events and status changes.
  4. Trigger an event from the Field Nation Platform and evaluate the request to your Webhooks URL.
  5. Configure and test your integration.
  6. Go live.