An ETA object includes provider ETA information once they’ve accepted a work order. ETA information is available from the work order response and the work order > Set ETA task. You can also access ETA information from the /eta path.

The table below describes each parameter and how it maps to the Field Nation Platform.

ETA Object

Parameter Type Example Mapping/Notes
user object "user": {
"id": 557
Provider User ID.
task object "task": {
"id": 19511
Set ETA Task ID.
start object "start": {} ETA Start Time. Read only. Dates and Times.
end object "end": {} ETA End Time (based on total hours). Read only. Dates and Times.
hour_estimate integer "hour_estimate": 2 Provider Hour Estimate.
notes string "notes": "Example provider note." Provider Note. Optional.
status object "status": {
"name": "confirmed",
"updated": {}
ETA Status and Time Updated.
Options (name)
condition object "condition": {} Provider Status. Includes status date, total drive time and distance, estimated delay, and coordinates. Available only before provider checks in.
created object "created": {} Provider Status Date. Read only. Dates and Times
status string "status": "on_schedule" Provider Status.
estimated_delay integer "estimated_delay": 600 Provider Running Late (total late time in seconds).
mode string "mode": "between" Schedule Mode. Refer to Schedules for more information.


ETA Object, Unconfirmed
ETA Object, Confirmed
ETA Object, Provider on the Way
ETA Object, Provider Running Late

Work Order ETA Response

You can locate ETA information in the work order > eta object.

"eta": { }
Work Order ETA Response, Confirmed