Tasks are Provider tasks that must be completed Pre Work, On Site, and Post Work. Task object parameters will vary depending on the task type.

Task Object

Parameter Type Example Mapping/Notes
id integer “id”:10050 Task ID.
description string “description”: “Call +1 480-555-1234 regarding completed work.” Task description. Read-only.
descriptions object “descriptions”: {} Uses task and type parameters to create the task description. Read-only.
group object “group”:{
Task Group.
Group Options (id,label)
type object “type”: {
“id”: 5
Task Type.
Options (id,name)
label string “label”: “completed work.” Task description or details.
alerts object “alerts”: [ {
“email”: “user@mail.com”
} ]
Array of email addresses to alert when the task is complete.
status string “status”: “incomplete” Task Status.
eta object “eta”:{} Conditional. Refer to ETA for more information.
Included when type = 1 (Set ETA).
custom_field object “custom_field”: {
“id”: 138
Included when type = 7 (Fill out custom field).
phone string “phone”: “+1 480-555-1234” Conditional.
Included when type = 8 (Call phone number).
email string “email”: “user@mail.com” Conditional.
Included when type = 9 (Send an e-mail).
attachment object “attachment”: {} Conditional.
Included when type = 13 (Download a File).


Note: The /tasks path returns the work_order_id. The Work Order Tasks Response does not.

Task Object, Set ETA with Alert
Tasks Response, Default Tasks

Work Order Tasks Response

You can locate tasks in the work order > tasks object. Results will vary depending on the task type.

"tasks": { }
Work Order Tasks Response, All Task Types