Setting Up For Field Nation

  • For the User Name, please populate the designated API username or whatever admin user you’d like to use.
  • Service Object Name (Optional) should be associated to the user account being used.
  • The password should be the password associated with the Autotask user account you are using
  • The notification email should be an email address(es) that will be notified if there is an error happening with the Work Order.
  • Outbound create should only be turned on if you wish to start the work order process in Field Nation and have a ticket generated in Autotask.

    Important: Please be aware, this process will attempt to create a ticket in Autotask every time a Work Order is created in Field Nation.

    • Save the credentials. You will know that the credentials have saved if after refreshing, you can see the autotask fields in the left hand drop downs. Also, the integration button will no longer say “connect” but will say “manage”