A penalty object includes the total sum of all penalties the penalty amount, and penalty name and description. You can manage penalties from Company Settings > Payments > Bonuses and Penalties. The table below describes each parameter in the penalties results and how it maps to the Field Nation Platform.

Note: You can only add a penalty when a work order is in Draft status.

Penalty Object

Parameter Type Example Mapping/Notes
id integer "id": 3 Work Order Penalty ID.
charged boolean "charged": false Penalty applied, true or false.
calculation string "calculation": "fixed" Dollar or Percentage Penalty.
modifier decimal "modifier": 35 Dollar Amount or Percentage Amount.
name string "name": "Dollar Amount Penalty" Penalty Name.
description string "description": "Example rule explanation." Rule Explanation.
amount decimal "amount": 35 If percentage, this is the calculated dollar amount based on total pay.


Penalty Object, Dollar Amount
Penalty Object, Percentage
Penalties Response by Company

Work Order Penalties Response

You can locate penalties in the work order > pay object. Refer to Pay for more information.

Penalties Response by Work Order, Percentage