Testing Webhooks

Before you start building your integration, you can use API monitoring tools like RequestBin to inspect Field Nation HTTP Requests.

Inspect Field Nation Requests

Services like RequestBin provide a unique URL that you can use in the Webhooks Object to create a new Webhook. If you’re using a secret value, you can also use RequestBin to test your md5 Fn-Hash logic. Refer to Securing Webhooks for more information.

To use RequestBin:

  1. Navigate to RequestBin and “Create a RequestBin.” This step will provide you with a Bin URL.
  2. Use the Bin URL to create a new Webhook. Refer to Create Webhook for more information.
  3. Trigger the event(s) that you’ve subscribed to from the Field Nation Platform.
  4. Review the Field Nation request in RequestBin. Your Bin URL includes the Field Nation header and JSON body.