Create Work Order

Creates a new work order.


Environment Method URL

Path Parameters

Not applicable.

Query Parameters

Parameter Type Example Notes
access_token string abc123defg459hijk786lmn45 Required.

Body Parameters

Body parameters can vary depending on your work order options. If you use a work order template, some of these parameters will be automatically set.

Create Work Order Examples

Here are some JSON examples to help you get started.

Tip: Refer to Work Order Locations, Schedules, and Pay Rates for additional options and examples.

Work Order with Manager, Require GPS, Location, Arrive at a specific date and time, Fixed Pay
Use a Client and/or Project ID, Complete work between specific hours, Per Hour Pay
Use a Work Order Template, Complete work anytime over a date range
Include a Bonus and/or Penalty
Include a Custom Field Value
Include Contacts
Include Tasks


Returns the Work Order Response. Refer to Work Orders for parameter details and examples.


Standard HTTP and OAuth error codes.


400 Bad Request