Time Logs

A time log object tracks Provider information, total hours, and number of devices (if applicable) from Check in to Check out.

Time Log Object

Parameter Type Example Mapping/Notes
id integer "id": 302 Time Log ID.
devices integer "devices": 2 Number of devices. Pay Per Device only.
in object "in": {} Provider Check in information
out object "out": {} Provider Check out information.
time_zone object "time_zone": {} Local Time Zone information.
verified boolean "verified": false True when work order is approved.
was_late boolean "was_late": true Provider was late: true or false.
status string "status": "checked_in" Time Log Status: checked_in or checked_out.
hours decimal "hours": 1.9167 Total Provider hours from Check in to Check out.
logged_by object "logged_by": {} Time Log User information.
open_time_log object "open_time_log": {} Included once Provider Checks in and before Provider Checks out.


Time Logs Response, No Logs
Time Logs Response, Checked in, Open Time Log
Time Logs Response, Completed, Arrived Late, Pay Per Device

Work Order Time Logs Response

You can locate time logs in the work order > time_logs object.

"time_logs": { }
Work Order Time Logs Response, No Logs