A client object includes client details and a client project list. The table below describes each parameter and how it maps to the Field Nation Platform.

Client Object

Parameter Type Example Mapping/Notes
integer "id": 188,
"client_id": 188
Client ID.
name string "name": "Main Street Shipping" Client title.
active boolean "active": true Active or Deactivated.
manager object "manager": {} Client manager.
logo string "logo": "/images/main-street.png" Logo. Optional.
website string "website": "" Website. Optional.
about string "about": "parking garage is 2 blocks down from main street." Notes. Optional.
print_logo boolean "print_logo": false Show my company's name and logo. If print_logo is set to true, the work order will show the client's name and logo.
policy_procedure string "policy_procedure": "" Default Policies and Procedures. If set, this will replace your company's default policies and procedures for work orders created for this client.
standard_instruction string "standard_instruction": "" Default Standard Instruction. If set, this will replace your company's default standard instruction for work orders created for this client.
address1 string "address1":"123 Main Street" Address Line 1.
address2 string "address2":"Building 4C" Address Line 2.
city string "city":"Phoenix" City.
state string "state":"AZ" State.
zip string "zip":"85001" Zip.
country string "country":"US" Country. Refer to Country Codes for a list of codes.
location_type integer "location_type": 1 Location type.
projects object "results": [] Projects associated with this client. Client projects are located in the projects > results object.
id integer "id": 239 Project id.
name string "name": "Monthly Copier Maintenance" Project Name.
status string "status": "active" Project Status.

Client Examples

Client Object with Projects

Work Order Client Response

You can locate client information in the work order > client object.

"client": { }
Work Order Client Response