A contact object includes the role and contact information for work order managers, location contacts, and other contacts associated with a work order.

Contacts are managed from the /workorders path. You can Include a Contact when you create a new work order, or you can use the Add Contact method to add a contact to an existing work order.

Contact Object

Parameter Type Example Mapping/Notes
id integer “id”: -2 Contact ID.
role string “role”: “Location Contact” Contact Role.
name string “name”: “Site Contact” Name/description. Enter the name or description of the contact.
email string “email”: “” Email. Optional.
phone string “phone”: “4805551234” Phone. Optional.
ext string “ext”: “” Phone Ext. Optional.
notes string “notes”: “” Notes. Optional.


Contacts Object, Site/Location Contact with Notes
Contacts Response, All Roles

Work Order Contacts Response

You can locate contacts in the work order > contacts object.

"contacts": { }
Work Order Contacts Response