Setting Up For Field Nation For the User Name, please populate the designated API username or whatever admin user you’d like to use. Service Object Name (Optional) should be associated to the user account being used. The password should be the password associated with the Autotask user account you are using The notification email should be an email address(es) that will be notified if there is an error happening with the Work Order. »


To integrate Autotask with the Field Nation Platform 1. Create a dedicated API User in Autotask and see if you have the integration center available (optional) Important: Once the LiveLinks on your Autotask administrator account is setup, you'll need to setup individual Field Nation user accounts for each Autotask user under your organization. For this process, each Autotask user under your organization will also need to have an account with your Field Nation Buyer account. »


AT specific configuration for fields, workflow »