Un-Assign Provider

Un-assigns a provider to a work order.


Environment Method URL
Sandbox https://api-sandbox.fndev.net/api/rest/v2/workorders/work_order_id/assignee
Production https://api.fieldnation.com/api/rest/v2/workorders/work_order_id/assignee

Path Parameters

Parameter Type Example Notes
work_order_id integer 1753 Work Order ID.

Query Parameters

Parameter Type Example Notes
access_token string abc123defg459hijk786lmn45 Required.

Body Parameters

Include the provider userid, cancellation reason id, and comments. You can use the event_reason_id below to locate your cancellation reason id.

Cancellation Reasons


Un-assign provider id 557 (Provider cancelled).

{"user":{"id":557},"reason_id":"7","comment":"Provider cancelled notes."}


Returns the User Object. Refer to Users for more information.


Standard HTTP and OAuth error codes.


400 Bad Request, Missing Parameter
400 Bad Request, Invalid Provider
400 Bad Request, Invalid Work Order ID