Work Order Problems

A problem object includes the problem description and resolution details. The table below describes each parameter in the problems results and how it maps to the Field Nation Platform.

Note: Problems can not be reported for a work order in Draft status.

Problem Object

Parameter Type Example Mapping/Notes
id integer "id":643 Problem ID. Read-only.
zendesk_ticket_id integer "zendesk_ticket_id":0 Field Nation Support Ticket ID.
type object "type":{
Report a Problem > Problem Type. Required.
comments string "comments":"Can't find a provider note." Report a Problem > Provide Explanation. Required.
resolution object "resolution":{} Problem status and details.
status string "status":"resolved" Resolution > Status.
at object "at":{} Resolution > Date resolved. Read-only. Dates and Times.
by object "by":{} Resolution > Resolved by User ID, First Name, and Last Name.
allowed_resolvers array "allowed_resolvers":[] Resolution > Who can resolve.
author object "author":{} Problem Reporter User ID, First Name, and Last Name.
created object "created": {} Problem Create Date. Read only. Dates and Times.


Problem Object, I can't find a provider
Problem Object, Provider is running late
Problem Object, Resolved
Problems Response

Work Order Problems Response

You can locate problems in the work order > problems object.

"problems": { }
Work Order Problems Response