To integrate Freshdesk with the Field Nation Platform:

Webhook options can be found in the settings of a table. The settings button is located in the top left corner of the app dashboard.

  • From the settings page, find the webhook option. Clicking on this option will take you to the webhook listing page for the current table. There is also an option to create a new webhook.
  • To set up a new webhook, click on the “New Webhook” button. A form will appear to create a new webhook.

  • First, select the option on which event you want to trigger the webhook. They have several options like Modified, Added, etc.

  • Then you can select additional criteria to trigger the webhook. You can choose to trigger the event on any field or some of the field changes. Also, you can add some values to the changed fields.

  • Then you have the options for the webhook URL, request body, header, etc. You can send multiple data from QuickBase. For this, they have several options like Record ID, Table ID, App ID, App Name, etc.

  • Saving this form will create a new webhook and will be triggered according to the selected options.