Saved Locations

A saved location object includes location details, notes, client information (if applicable), and work order counts. To manage saved locations from the Field Nation platform, click MANAGE > Locations.

Location Object

Parameter Type Example Mapping/Notes
id integer "id": 16267 Saved Location ID.
name string "name": "Saved Location Example" Location Identifier. Used in the "Search for a saved location" field. This can be different from "Location name" (display_name).
display_name string "display_name": "ABC Corp" Work Order > Location name.
address1 string "address1":"123 Main Street" Location > Street Address.
address2 string "address2":"Building 4C" Location > Address 2.
city string "city":"Phoenix" Location > City.
state string "state":"AZ" Location > State.
zip string "zip":"85001" Location > Zip.
country string "country":"US" Location > Country. Refer to Country Codes for a list of codes.
type object "type":{} Location > Type (id, name).
contact object "contact": {} Location Contact (name, email, phone, phone_ext). Optional.
group object "group": {} Location Group. Optional.
active boolean "active": true Location Status. true or false.
client object "client": {} Location Client (id, name). Optional.
geo object "geo": {} Location Latitude/Longitude. Read-only.
time_zone object "time_zone": {} Location Time Zone. Read-only.
notes array "notes": {} Location Notes. Optional. For a private note, set private = true.
attributes array "attributes": {} Location Attributes. Optional.
workorders object "workorders": {} Paginated list of work order details. Read-only. Does not return the entire work order object.


Note: Location parameters will vary depending on whether you Get Location by ID or Get Saved Locations by Company.

Saved Location Object by ID
Saved Location Response by Company