A message object returns a paginated list of messages sorted by date created descending. From the Field Nation Platform, you can locate messages in the Work Order > Messages tab. The table below describes each parameter in the message results and how it maps to the Field Nation app.

Note: Updating and deleting messages from the API is not supported. You can add message replies.

Message Object

Parameter Type Example Mapping/Notes
from object "from": {} User info for the message creator. Read-only. Defaults to the API User ID.
msg_id string "msg_id": "612" Message ID. Read-only.
created object "created": {} Create Date. Read only. Dates and Times.
message string "message": "This is an example message." Message text. Does not support HTML.
replies array "replies": [] Array of message replies.
name string "name":"other" Shipments > Carrier.
notify array "notify":[776, 756] Messages > Notify company users. User ids to notify. Write-only (does not return in message object). Used to create sharedText.
sharedText integer "sharedText": "Your Company" Messages > Notify company users. Read-only.


Message Object, No Replies

Work Order Message Response

The work order > messages object displays only the total message count. To return message details, refer to Messages by Work Order.

"messages": { }
Work Order Message Response