Update a Task

Updates a task.

Note: Changing the task Group (Pre Work, Work, Post Work) from the API is not supported.


Environment Method URL
Sandbox https://api-sandbox.fndev.net/api/rest/v2/workorders/work_order_id/tasks/task_id
Production https://api.fieldnation.com/api/rest/v2/workorders/work_order_id/tasks/task_id

Path Parameters

Parameter Type Example Notes
work_order_id integer 1753 Work Order ID.
task_id integer 8609 Task ID.

Query Parameters

Parameter Type Example Notes
access_token string abc123defg459hijk786lmn45 Required.

Body Parameters

Refer to Tasks for a complete list of parameters.


This example updates the description and adds an alert.

   "label":"call Nancy for instructions.",


Returns the Work Order Response. Refer to Work Orders for parameter details and examples.


Standard HTTP and OAuth error codes.


400 Bad Request