Update Location

Updates a saved location.


Environment Method URL
Sandbox https://api-sandbox.fndev.net/api/rest/v2/locations/location_id
Production https://api.fieldnation.com/api/rest/v2/locations/location_id

Path Parameters

Parameter Type Example Notes
location_id integer 16267 Saved Location ID.

Query Parameters

Parameter Type Example Notes
access_token string abc123defg459hijk786lmn45 Required.

Body Parameters

Use this method to update basic location information, location type, location contact, location group, and location client. Refer to Add Location Attribute and Add Location Note for additional options.

   "name": "New Saved Location",
   "display_name":"ABC Corp",
   "address1":"123 Main Street",
   "address2":"Building 4C",
   "contact": {
       "name": "Office Manager",
       "email": "mgr@mail.com",
       "phone": "4805551234",
       "phone_ext": ""
    "group":"AZ Locations",


Returns the Saved Location Object by ID. Refer to Saved Locations for parameter details and examples.


Standard HTTP and OAuth error codes.