Workflow Rules

When activating the Salesforce integration for the first time, Field Nation automatically creates workflow rules and outbound messages in the Salesforce organization.


A workflow rule named FN_WF_WO_Create

An outbound message is created and attached to the FN_WF_WO_Create rule.
By default, the outbound rule will trigger anytime a Case is created. (This means anytime a Case is created in Salesforce, Field Nation will create a matching work order for it)

These workflow rules determine when Field Nation is notified of a change in Salesforce that should trigger an event in Field Nation.

Manual Changes for When Field Nation Creates a Work Order: Additional steps to take to customize workflow rules

  • Edit the workflow rule in Salesforce

  • Changing the criteria to match your required business process

Example: The FN_WF_WO_Create workflow rule criteria could be changed to only trigger when a Case is created with a certain value in the Status field. See the Salesforce documentation on setting the criteria of workflow rules for details.

How to Manually Create Rules

These items are automatically created and not necessary to configure the standard integration unless you are doing so manually.

  • Create an outbound rule named FN_OB_Notify_Create.
  • Set the endpoint URL to something temporary. Ex.
  • Check the Send Session Id box. Select only the Id field.
  • Create a workflow rule named FN_WF_WO_Create
  • set the criteria to determine when a Field Nation work order is created.
  • Link the outbound message from step one to this workflow rule. See documentation on creating a workflow rule.

Note: Creating a workflow rule with the same name before the integration is activated allows pre-configuration of when work orders should be created in Field Nation. When the integration is activated, the criteria will not get overwritten. The outbound message named FN_OB_Notify_Create will also need to be created and linked to the workflow rule. See documentation on creating an outbound message.