To integrate ConnectWise with the Field Nation Platform:

Step 1: Grant Field Nation Access To ConnectWise

Permissions are controlled by ConnectWise, not Field Nation. The user's ConnectWise permissions entered below are used to read and write to the object. If you are concerned about Field Nation's access to your ConnectWise information, create a generic user and set the permissions of that user in ConnectWise.

Obtain API Keys from ConnectWise
Create a public and private key. Instructions found here:

  • Open the ConnectWise Developer Guide
  • Authentication > Obtaining your keys > My Account section
  • Give the API key a name
  • After clicking save, the public and private key will be filled in
  • Save the private key for later as it won't be displayed again

Navigate to

Click Connect to Setup ConnectWise

Authenticate ConnectWise and Field Nation by entering:

  • ConnectWise Company (the company name used to log in)
  • ConnectWise Public Key
  • ConnectWise Private Key
  • ConnectWise Domain (the login URL)
  • ConnectWise Template Ticket ID
  • Select whether you would like to allow Field Nation to create ConnectWise tickets from Field Nation by setting the directional option to 'YES'.

What's a Connectwise template ticket id? Create a draft Connectwise ticket with all the fields and its value filled in and set the status of the ticket as the one which you are going to use to push to Field Nation (like if you have the status like "Send External" or "Send to FN" set that ticket to it). Use that ticket id when you configure and that will help us fetch the fields and its data type and then determine at which status we will get the work order created on Field Nation.

Example configuration page

Step 2: Map Fields From ConnectWise to Field Nation

  • Click on Import data from ConnectWise from the left-hand navigation
  • Click the Add or Remove Fields button to select the fields to be mapped
  • Map your fields and Save.

Saving Your Field Mapping: You must map all of the fields in the Required Fields section BEFORE the 'Save Changes' button will be visible to click. This is to ensure we reduce the number of errors or issues when creating a work order.
If a field value is going to be populated from your Field Nation template, such as the type of work, you can map this field to the 'initialDescription' ConnectWise field which is always blank. When you pass a blank value to us, we will use the value stored in the Field Nation template instead.

Mapping my Field Nation custom fields
If you scroll past the required fields, We will automatically list all the custom fields that have been set up for your company.

Enable attachments to be pushed

Step 3: Map Fields From Field Nation to ConnectWise

  • Click on Export data from ConnectWise from the left-hand navigation
  • Click the Add or Remove Fields button to select the fields to be mapped
  • Map your fields and Save

Step 4: Toggle on the Integration

Toggle to "ON"

Step 5: Test the integration

Make sure you're on the same board as the template ticket and create a ticket. Set the ticket status to the status you have determined will trigger the work order creation to Field Nation. In about 30 seconds or so, you should see the work order in the Draft tab of the manage work page.

If you run into any issues please reach out to


Error: 500 Error when connecting the integration in Step 1

Solution: Make sure your private key and public key are correct. Typically this error is caused by an extra space at the end of the public or private key.

Issue: Work Order was not created in Field Nation

Troubleshooting: Make sure you're on the SAME board as the template ticket and make sure you have the correct status set on your template ticket and the ticket that you're testing with. The status to send the ticket to Field Nation must be the same or else the ticket will not be created.