Connectwise Integration version 2 is phased out, Reach out to your Sales contact to learn about the new version 3

The pre-packed ConnectWise integration is a quick way to start integrating with Field Nation.

ConnectWise Integration

YouTube Video: ConnectWise Integration Setup

Create Work Orders from ConnectWise

Pass all ConnectWise values or a combination of ConnectWise and Field Nation Template values to draft your work orders on Field Nation. The work order uses the ConnectWise Template Ticket to determine which fields are available for the integration. The creation of the work order is determined by a status set on the ConnectWise Template Ticket.

Create ConnectWise Tickets from Field Nation

Create work orders in Field Nation to automatically create the ConnectWise tickets. This by directional creation is a new enhancement to our integration with ConnectWise.

*Note: This is an optional setting.

Update ConnectWise

Update your ConnectWise ticket in with work order information, such as:

  • Assigned Provider Name & Phone
  • Check in / out timestamps
  • Provider Uploaded Deliverables
  • Close Out Notes
  • Provider Messages

Some of the updates occur in real-time, others are status dependent.