Required Fields

List of required fields using the prepackaged solutions. Additional functionality is achieved using our REST API.

Required Fields to Create Work Orders

If you need more fields please create a case at

Field Name Field Type Description
Address String Street 1 address of the work order location
City String Name of the City
State string 2-letter state abbreviation
Zip/Postal Code integer 5 digit zip/postal code
Country string 2-letter country abbreviation
Description string Work Order Scope of Work
Pay Type string Fixed, hourly, per device, blended
Pay Base Amount integer 20 fixed, 20 per hour, 20 per device
Site Manager string Exact First Last Name of Work Order Manager as it's stored in Field Nation
Ex: Kyle Baker
Start Date date or datetime Start date of the work order
Start Time datetime Start time of the work order
End Date date or datetime End date of the work order.
Used for range work orders. This value can be blank if you do not need an end date
End Time date/time End time of the work order
Used for range work orders. This value can be blank if you do not need an end time
Title string Work Order Service Title
Type of Work string or integer Click here to see the Types of Work available.

Please note, you can use custom fields in both systems. Salesforce custom fields show up in the Option Fields section.

When I will see the "Save changes" button? The Save changes button will appear once you have mapped all the required fields that are needed to create a work order.