Mass Import & Link Tickets

Buyers are now able to mass import a list of Autotask Tickets to create Field Nation work orders and link the work orders back to the Autotask ticket in one step.

1. Mass Export Autotask Tickets

Export the ticket information into a CSV file. Ensure all of the required information to mass import into Field Nation is included in this file.

You must add 1 additional column called Integration Name. In this column for each row, add the value 'Autotask'. This is used to determine which system the ticket links to.

2. Open a Field Nation Project and Upload the File

Open a Field Nation project and select the file you created from Autotask.

3. Map the Fields

Map the fields from mass import file. Make sure to map Integration Name AND Integration ID. Without these fields mapped, Field Nation will not be able to link the ticket back to Autotask.

  • Intergration Name = Autotask
  • Integration ID = Unique Ticket ID (e.g. T20081120.0001)