The pre-packed Autotask integration is a quick way to start integrating with Field Nation.

Autotask Integration

If your company uses Autotask to manage requests from your end clients, you may find yourself copying and pasting between Autotask and Field Nation. You can simplify this process by using our Autotask integration. Ticket information can easily be pushed to Field Nation to create a work order, and meaningful progress updates will be automatically pushed back to your Autotask ticket.

Integration Prerequisites

  • LiveLinks Autotask Add-on (possible instructions here)
  • Field Nation Admin Account
  • Autotask Admin Account

Data Flow

Data can flow between both systems. That is, Autotask can send data to Field Nation and data can be sent back to Autotask. The data flow is event-driven between the systems.

Updates within Autotask (for example schedule updates) will not update the Field Nation Ticket with the updated information. Users will have to log in to Field Nation to manually update the ticket.

Data Fields

Autotask's system fields can send data to Nation. Field Nation system fields can retrieve data from Autotask and also send data back to Autotask.

Custom Fields within Field Nation can be mapped to UDF (user defined fields) in Autotask and vice versa.